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Finally, the wait is over as the young guns of yccl get ready for the grand T25 show.

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What is YCCL

YCCL is an exciting cricket league that is breaking down barriers and bringing together players from all corners of the world. With a focus on giving young, aspiring male and female cricketers a chance to shine, YCCL provides a platform where talent can be recognized and nurtured.

Whether you’re from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or beyond, YCCL welcomes players from all backgrounds and levels of experience. With a commitment to fair play, sportsmanship, and excellence, YCCL is quickly becoming a leading force in the world of cricket, and a symbol of hope and opportunity for young athletes everywhere.

YCCL Launches T25 League

Press Release

YCCL are thrilled to unveil our own franchise-based T25 Cricket League. A format that we believe is exactly what our change, fast-paced world needs right now. The inaugral edition of YCCL T25 will be played in December, this year with ten privately owned teams involved and four womens teams. The Particioating franchises players auctions dates, fixtures and other details will be announced in due course.

YCCL Registration

YCCL has opened the registrations for new players that have”nt yet participated in the mega event they have a chance to perform on the big platform to introduce themselves and improve their proffesional behaviour .the registration will last on september 5 2023 .visit our official website for registration forms.

  • The interested cricketers can enroll themselves online at www.ycclT25.com the male cricketers above the age of 13 years and female cricketers above the age of 14 years are eligible to take part in the trials of the tournament.
  • Registration fees of the trials will be 2500 INR which will be valid for 3 years.

Registration open for all cricketers of age group from 13 to 27 for men and women.

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For registration visit our website www.ycclt25.com


Last date of the registration is ------


1st registered 100 selected players will be getting sponsorships from YCCL

What Does League Hope to Achieve?

A young apprentice can be molded into a genius with right environment which we create in this format, the league is meant not only to identify talent but to nurture them and close the gap between the under 19’s and the highest-level cricket.

This highlights the dual purpose of the league: identifying and nurturing talented young players.

YCCL Initiatives for Young Girls

YCCL is going to give an amazing opportunity for young girls who can play a really positive roles in their lives but because of financial problems, they are not able to reach their dream, so YCCL is going to find out all the young girls of rural areas, underprivileged and backwards and provide them good coaches mentors financial helps for today and always beyond tomorrow. So, they can show their hidden talents, YCCL will make them bravest and most importantly confident they can do is just to show up their talents and get a bright future as an international level and be great to see each of them as aspiring to others.

State Matches Earning

Man of The Series 2023

Best Bowler of Tournament

5 Wicket Haul in Series

Centurion 100 in the Series

Emerging Player of Tournament


League: each of the ten teams participating has a 15 man squad including 5 foreign players and 10 local players from india.Dow womens team also will be same.

The ten team league ,the first it’s kind , will see 60 foreign players including women cricketers compete with alongside local talent with the YCCL having hired the services of former greats including Monty panesar, Elton Chigumbura, saurabh tiwari Jhulan gosamy sanath jayasurya dilhara Fernando among other as mentors.

While the YCCL winners will get Rs 1 million besides the glittering 🏆 trophy for the runner’s-up will pocket of Rs half million . Each player will also get auction fees what ever they sold in auctions with full payments.A handsome remuneration is also being paid to the mentors.

The budding cricketers of YCCL can feel extremely lucky as they will be with the greats of the game some senior players of international level as mentors.

It’s not only a league it’s a world class league.

What are the Benefits for YCCL?

  • It is a excellence chance for young and talented players to enjoy the following fortune. Get coaching from International as well as legendary national players.
  • A stipend of 25k per year.
  • State level matches earning.